How to lead worship at cell (even if you can’t sing or play an instrument)

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Being a cell leader is not easy. You carry all the responsibility and having to lead worship can be difficult if you can’t sing and you can’t play an instrument.

We also have another resource that will help you select songs for worship. View it here.

This post is for educational purposes only. Piracy is a serious issue and it is up to each of us to decide what he or she will do.

How to lead worship
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With the power of YouTube we can download worship music that has the words while the music is playing. It is a little like cheating, you can lead worship without playing an instrument. Even if you are tone deaf or can’t sing – you can still lead worship.

For this example we will use the song, “Come now is the time to worship”. Start by going to Youtube and searching for, “Come now is the time to worship lyrics.” You will see a list of results. Click on one of them and watch the video. To make it easier for you I have created a YouTube playlist called Leading Worship. This playlist contains a few songs that you can help you to lead worship at cell.

If you are using a computer:

There are plugins you can install in your web browser to help you to download YouTube videos. An easier way is to use a website like KeepVid. There is a tutorial on their website explaining how to use their service. When downloading try to download a MP4 with at least 480p resolution.

If you are using an Android smart phone:

Android apps like TubeMate can be used to download YouTube videos. Do a Google search for download tubemate apk. Remember that you will be side loading an apk (installation file) and that it can infect your phone with a virus if you download from an unsafe place. Do this at your own risk. Androidapksfree is normally a safe place to download from. Download a MP4 with at least 480p.

Remember that websites of ten have multiple Download buttons and not every button is what it appears to be. Androidapksfree has multiple download buttons and some of them are adds and not the actual app.


Remember that you need to watch the entire video before downloading it to see that there is nothing funny in it. With YouTube there is never a guarantee and you don’t know what people have done in the videos that they have posted.

Another good reason to listen to the video and not just download it, is to check if it fits with the position in the list of songs that you have chosen. If you need an upbeat version of Bless the Lord oh my soul and you have a slow version then it can disrupt the flow of worship.

Remember that we said you need 3 to 5 songs. You start with praise and work towards worship. You can’t have 3 slow songs and then one fast song either. With practice this will become easy, but in the beginning it can be difficult. In the YouTube playlist that we are using as an example, Shot to the Lord is a slow worship song. You can’t open with it. It’s a great choice to end your worship session with though.

Playing the videos that you downloaded:

Many people now that TV’s that can play video files directly from a flash drive. Find out first if the person hosting the cell meeting has such a TV. Otherwise you can connect a laptop to a TV, there are even cables that allow you to connect your phone to your TV via HDMI.

If nobody has a TV that can play these videos, then type up the words and play the video with the phone connected to a set of speakers. Remember to put the phone is flight mode before starting, otherwise if you get a message or a call it will interrupt the worship.

God bless you as you seek to be the best worship leader that you can be. Not everyone can play an instrument, but with a little help anyone can lead worship.