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Small group ministry is a very important part of the church. Meeting once a week on a Sunday morning is not enough, there are certain things you will only learn in a cell group.

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Things like being able to pray out loud and praying for others. Cell groups nurture us and help us to grow spiritually in ways that we can’t if we only go to church on Sundays.

One of the most important things to consider for cell meetings is the time factor. You have a limited amount of time and if the cell meeting goes on for hours and hours then you will loose members and the cell will flop.

Ideally if you have 20 minutes to share a message you should only talk half of that. Remember that there is a difference between a teaching event and a cell meeting. In a cell people need to be able to ask questions. You need to engage with your audience, not just talk at them and then break for coffee an cake.

Now that we have looked at the time factor, our next consideration is the topic you choose. Your topic should be something relevant to the group. Something that will stimulate a back and forth where the members can ask and answer questions. It must be applicable to the people attending, something that will influence their everyday lives.

So choose something that you know a bit about so that if they ask you something you can answer. Give a moderate amount of Scriptures, if every person in attendance has a verse they read and then later they get another verse then you have enough verses (no more then 10 portions of Scripture). It’s a cell group, it’s not time to try to speed read through an entire book of the Bible here.

So we pick a topic, prayer. It’s relevant because it’s an integral part of our faith. Choose 3 points: 1. Why do we pray? 2. How not to pray 3. The Our Father. Get Scriptures for each of your points. For how not to pray mention that we don’t pray to be seen by others, prayer is not a grocery list for God. Prayer is not me demanding stuff from God. This is very important that people also understand that God cares about our motives when we pray.

End the lesson with each person getting the opportunity to pray, tell everyone that they get 2 minutes max to pray. This takes the pressure off them as they don’t have to pray a long prayer. For others they need to know that this is time for a short prayer, not an opportunity to spend 30 minutes or more.

Ask if anyone has any prayer requests, then let everyone pray.

Afterwards you might want to have some fellowship with coffee and something to eat. The eats are not crucial, but the fellowship with a warm or cold drink should be encouraged. It’s time to bond and that is also one of the goals of a cell group.

Review questions:

  1. How long is your cell meeting?
  2. How much time do you have to bring your message?
  3. Who needs to be encouraged to talk (come out of their shells)?
  4. Name something you must not do while bringing the message. Explain why not.