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Choosing songs for your cell meeting does not need to be difficult. Maybe you are the cell leader and worship leader rolled into one. Or maybe you have been asked to lead worship at cell, but you don’t know where to begin.

This tutorial is for you. Remember that you can read the lesson here or download a printable PDF here.

When choosing songs you need 4 tops, start with praise then progress to worship. You don’t have much time for any 1 part of your cell meeting. If it’s an hour long meeting, you can’t spend more than 20 minutes on the praise and worship part of it.

Praise and worship needs to flow. This is crucial. You don’t open with a slow song, then a fast song, then another slow song again. There needs to be a progression from praise (fast) into worship (slow).

Choose songs that the people coming to the meeting probably already know. Don’t do more than 1 new song that they don’t know per meeting. There is nothing worse than trying to lead worship and nobody can sing with you. You loose a lot of momentum when that happens and the praise and worship part of the meeting can easily fall flat.

Here are a few examples of songs and the progression from praise to worship:

  • My Redeemer Lives
  • Lord I lift Your Name on high
  • Jesus lover of my soul


  • One way
  • Lord reign in me
  • Blessed me Your Name


  • Every move I make I make in You
  • Draw me close
  • The heart of worship

I am not saying that you can’t have a cell meeting that turns into a worship evening, if the Holy Spirit leads you in that direction it’s wonderful. Just know that you can’t go over your time. Rather do 3 songs if you don’t have time to do 4.

The cell meeting is a great opportunity for spiritual growth and to encourage one another. The praise and worship part of the meeting can come in the beginning, with the message afterwards. It helps us to switch off from the stress of the day and to focus on God and His Word.


  1. Why not write down a few thoughts on praise and worship?
  2. What is your favourite praise song and why is that?
  3. What is your favourite worship song and why is that?
  4. Choose 3 or 4 songs for your next ceel meeting. Remember to progress from praise (fast) to worship (slow).
  5. Write down 3 examples of what not to do in praise and worship at a cell meeting.

Want to lead worship, but you can’t sing or play an instrument? There is a tutorial for that coming soon.